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Since 2013, we have supported hundreds of doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, and nurses throughout France with their installation projects. Why not you?

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Why work in France?

Quality of life

France is the world's top tourist destination and offers a unique and incredible quality of life. Work during the week and go on vacation every weekend to discover a new region of France! The opportunities for visits are endless.

Balance between personal life and professional life

The duration of working time in France is strictly regulated by law. Many establishments are also attempting to implement a 4-day workweek. Some even allow you to work 2 weeks in France and 2 weeks in your home country. The work-life balance is one of the best in Europe.

Economic opportunities

Whether you are a professional in the paramedical or medical field, salaries in France are generally high. To learn more, check out our blog where we regularly talk about this topic.

The infrastructure

With its 27 international airports, high-speed railway network (TGV), and high-quality highways, France offers excellent accessibility. The country also boasts numerous high-quality schools and universities, both public and private, monolingual or bilingual.
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Doing everything possible to support you.

If the job you are looking for exists, we will find it.

Our job: to communicate, detect, select the best job opportunities and support healthcare professionals in Europe and France. We listen to and understand your projects and challenges. We are by your side to provide the necessary services for the realization of your project in France! With over 30,000 job offers, whether it's fixed-term or permanent contracts, as a hospital practitioner or contractor, in medical or paramedical temporary work, in medical or paramedical locum positions, for a determined or undetermined period, we will definitely find the right offer for you.

30K+ Job offers throughout France

1K+ Candidates hundreds of professionals with whom you can discuss their integration in France

100 Specialties on which we support you

10 Years of service to you

What we are checking in your project:

Your diplomas

We ensure that you will not encounter any administrative difficulties and that we can proceed with your registration within 8 to 12 weeks for doctors and dentists, or within a few days for other professions.

Your project

We ensure that your project is realistic and that we will be able to support you. If we cannot accompany you, we inform you immediately and explain why: too restricted geographical area, salary expectations incompatible with the market, etc. Overall, we address the following elements: degree, project feasibility, desired geographical areas, specialty, French proficiency level, deadlines, salary expectations.

Your level of French.

We evaluate your level of French together. If it is sufficient, we proceed immediately. Otherwise, we offer you to join our Campus program.

The support of your loved ones

Changing countries or regions is a big step. We make sure that your family shares your project with you. This discussion will also be an opportunity to determine if we need to implement a support plan for your family members.

Our processes

Our process is simple and efficient:

Discover in detail what happens as soon as we receive your CV!

First step: Discovery of your project.
Upon receipt of your CV, you will receive a questionnaire to learn more about you and your needs in terms of professional, personal, or family support.
2nd step: Let's discuss your project!
We agree on a telephone interview, a video conference, or a meeting to discover all aspects of your project. We immediately establish a roadmap for your project with milestones and steps to be taken.
3rd step: You receive proposals and exchange with establishments.
Once we have validated your project together, you will receive proposals within 48 hours! If necessary, we will prepare you for telephone interviews and check that all your prerequisites are met. If you wish, we will participate in these exchanges.
4th step: Organizing your trip to France
If the exchanges went well, it is time to come to France to discover the environment we have talked so much about, as well as your new colleagues.We take care of everything: travel, accommodation, and transfers. It's very simple!
5th step: Bingo! The offer is PER-FECT!
The offer suits you perfectly, you are delighted and your family as well! We take care of all the administrative aspects: registration with the order or transfer to another department, planning for your start date, and setting up a timeline.
6th step: your job start in France.
We are finalizing all the details before you start your new position: housing, enrolling your children in school, opening bank accounts and insurance policies. You are ready to start your new life in France! This is only the beginning! From now on, we will exchange regularly.
7th step: integration monitoring
We regularly discuss your assumption of duties and your integration in France. On the day of your first day, then on Day +2, Da +5, Day +14,Day +28, Day +60, and at least once a year. These are our processes, for quality integration and to intervene quickly if needed.
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Thank you for your invaluable help! Thanks to you, I found an ideal accommodation, a school for my child, and an exciting job at the hospital. It's simply perfect.

Simone Radiologist

Example of our support

When Simone contacted us, we took the time to carefully listen to her project. She wanted to work in a radiology department that offers state-of-the-art equipment such as conventional radiology, a CT scan, and an MRI. In addition, she desired to live in a small-sized city, ideally located by the sea, and to find a peaceful environment conducive to the education of her 2 and a half-year-old child, far away from the hustle and bustle of Naples.

By working together, we identified several establishments that matched his criteria, and finally, we selected the Béziers Hospital Center. Thanks to our team, we were able to organize all the necessary property visits, taking into account his preferences and specific needs. Furthermore, we utilized our local expertise and recommendations from the management of the Hospital Center to select the best private schools in the region.

During these months of support, we managed all the bureaucracy and administrative procedures, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for Simone. Three months later, she was able to start a new life, just in time for the September school term, in a beautiful villa located a few kilometers from the coast. Today, Simone is flourishing both professionally and personally, and we are proud to have been able to accompany her throughout her journey.

This real testimony reflects our commitment to providing personalized support to each candidate, taking into account every important aspect of their relocation to France. We would be delighted to offer you the same level of assistance and satisfaction. Contact us now to learn more about our services and start your own professional success in France.

They trusted us!

Everywhere, throughout France, we offer you the best healthcare facilities.

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