Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service free of charge?

Our service is completely free for candidates. We are exclusively paid by healthcare facilities when you successfully complete your trial period. We are regularly surprised to hear that some agencies charge fees to candidates or apply penalties if you do not complete 6 or 12 months in the client establishments of those agencies. These practices are illegal. Euromotion advocates for ethical practices.

Do you have to speak French to work in France?

It is imperative to speak French in order to practice in France. A B1+/B2 level is truly expected by healthcare institutions to practice in France. This level will allow you to communicate with patients, patient families, and your colleagues at work. Euromotion can help you reach this level according to your specialty and installation preferences.

How to register with the Order of Physicians in France?

We have discussed this topic in our blog. To register with the Order of Physicians in France, you will need to gather various administrative documents (diplomas, certificates of compliance, criminal record extracts, etc.). Euromotion Medical assists you in registering with the Order of Physicians or helps you transfer your file from one department to another. We have a perfect understanding of this process and handle your files directly from France.

And if I practice as a paramedic, how do I obtain a work permit?

For each profession, there is a procedure. For nurses, it will be necessary to approach the nursing council, for physiotherapists, the DREETS or request a European card. You can rely on us to guide you and help you obtain your authorization.

How does sponsorship work?

Very simply: you fill out the form (here), and we take care of contacting your referred person. As soon as your referred person starts working with Euromotion, we'll inform you. Once they complete 5 months of fixed-term contract or finish their probationary period, you'll receive a gift voucher worth 350 to 500€. It's extremely simple!

I obtained my diploma outside of the European Union, how can I obtain an equivalence?

If you are a doctor and you obtained your diplomas, or part of your diplomas, outside the European Union, you will have to contact the National Management Center (CNG). Depending on your specialty and whether your diploma is recognized or not yet recognized by another European state, your procedure will be different. We advise you to contact the CNG for this purpose. Unfortunately, at our level, we will not be able to assist you with all these procedures.

Taxes, income, net salary, super net salary, income tax... What will my salary be in the end?

Vast topic that we discuss in our blog, right HERE. Overall, for a simple and fictional example: You receive €10,000 gross, which is approximately €8,000 net per month after social security contributions, and approximately €7,000 net after the withholding ta (PAS). Every year, we are available to help you optimize your taxes.