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Opportunities for physiotherapists in France - Euromotion Medical

Masseurs-physiotherapists, since 2014, we are here for you!

Join Euromotion Medical, your partner since 2014 to find the best professional opportunities as a physiotherapist in France. Take advantage of our expertise to negotiate the best working conditions and benefit from comprehensive administrative support.

Are you a masseur-physiotherapist looking for new opportunities in France? Since 2014, Euromotion Medical has been your trusted partner in finding the best job offers in the physiotherapy sector.

Why choose Euromotion Medical?

We only select the best offers for physiotherapists, with a particular emphasis on working conditions. Whether you are looking to work in hospitals, clinics, functional rehabilitation centers, disability support facilities, or retirement homes, our extensive network offers you a wide range of opportunities.

Our commitments to you
  • Negotiation: We take care of salary negotiations to ensure the best conditions for you.
  • Housing: All our offers include temporary housing solutions.
  • Support: We intervene if the slightest commitment is not respected by the establishment.
  • Administrative support: We assist you in all necessary administrative procedures, from exchanges with the Primary Health Insurance Fund to obtaining domestic contracts and more.
  • Whether you are a rehabilitation professional holding a European diploma and speaking French, we are here to help you advance your career. You can count on us.

    Explore our job offers for Physiotherapists and contact us to find out more about how we can help you find the perfect opportunity.

    And if asking for your authorization to practice in France became easier?

    Are you a Physiotherapist and have you obtained your diploma in a European country? In order to practice in France, you will need to apply for an exercise authorization from the DREETS (Regional Directorate for Enterprises, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labor, and Employment), and then register with the relevant professional board.

    At Euromotion Medical, we aim to help you easily obtain your authorization. Additionally, we have created a tool to allow you to download a file that is ready to be sent. Nice to meet you at

    And concretely?

    Euromotion a comprehensive offer

    Euromotion Medical offers you all types of contracts, throughout the whole France.

    Fixed-term contract/Permanent contract

    You are more interested in long-term contracts, as an employee, you see yourself working for many months or years in the same establishment. We have thousands of positions to offer you, which will allow us to propose the most suitable one for your project!

    Temporary or vacation for physiotherapists.

    Are you rather looking for short-term contracts, a few days or a few weeks, and not necessarily in the same place? Euromotion takes care of offering you many interim or temporary missions.

    Temporary or vacation for physiotherapists

    Ready to work with people who listen to you?

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