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Welcome to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


We have reassembled the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Below, we hope to bring you maximum of the answers to your questions and resources needed. Of course, this list is not exhaustive and will be widen thanks to your contribution. You have a question that the answer cannot be found below? Do not hesitate to write us at:


Questions (FAQ) : 

General questions


  • What are the steps in the recruitment process? The process involves several steps:

  1. We receive your résumé and check the equivalence of your diplomas.

  2. During a phone interview we talk and verify if we will be able to help you in a realisation of your professional project. If it possible, we will send you a complete list of the opportunities to develop your career in France. You choose the health-care institutions that will receive your résumé. Next, we will send a presentation of your career path to the chosen institution.

  3. If the professional interest is shared by the heath-care institution, we will organise a job interview by videoconference. If the interview is positive, we will invite you to come and visit the institution and spend few days in France. We will take care of arranging your travel.

  4. Everything went well? Great! We will proceed at your inscription at the French Medical Council. We will help you in assembling all the documents. Our role: make the contact easier between you and the French Medical Council, help you address a complete dossier on the first try.

  5. At the same time, we will take care of you and your family: accommodation, school, banks, etc. We will take care of everything so you can start you new job without additional stress. To learn more: Choose Euromotion.

  • Is your service free?

    • Every time we hear this question we are surprised. We assure you that our service is free for all the candidates. We are compensated only by the health-care institutions when you finalize your trial period. Regularly, we are surprised to hear that some agencies charge the candidates or apply penalties if you do not stay 6 or 12 months in the health-care institution that cooperates with those agencies. Those practices are illegal. Euromotion stands for ethical practices and w goodwill. 

  • I have sent you my résumé. What’s next?

    • We will contact you by mail or phone as soon as possible. We hope to accompany you in your project of moving to France.

  • Why work with Euromotion Medical? 

    • We edited for you this infographic to present you what we can do for you.

    • Euromotion Euromotion really wishes to establish itself as a specialist in accompanying the candidates. We are here for you!

  • How the taxes are calculated in France?

    • Since France has incentive Family Policy, the amount of taxes will depend on your family situation. To have the most precise estimation, French Government provides a simulator.

  • Do I need to speak French to work in France?

    • It is necessary to speak French in order to work in France. The B1/B2 level is expected by health-care institutions to work in France. This level will enable you to speak with patients, their families or your colleagues. Euromotion can help you achieve this level depending on your speciality and your project of moving to France.

  • How does Refer-A-Friend work? 

    • It is simple: you need to fill in the form (here) and we will contact a referred person directly. As soon as the referred person starts working with Euromotion, we will let you know. As soon as the referred person spends 5 months on a fix-term contract or finalise trial period, you will receive a gift card worth from 350€ to 500€. It’s very simple!

  • How can I contact you 

    • As you wish: phone, e-mail, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Messenger, SMS, Snap… or simple by dropping by for a coffee at our office in Paris! You are mostly welcome! You can contact us at any time. We are at office from Monday to Friday, from very early in the morning to very late in the evening.

  • Will I get any help at the beginning in France?

    • Of course, beyond our welcome guide of 30 pages, you will have the possibility to contact someone from our team 7 days a week. We remain disposal at your service..

Questions for doctors


  • Can I work in France?

    • To work in France as a doctor you need to be registered at the French Medical Council. In order to do that, you will have to request the registration. You need to send a list of documents (diplomas, CV, etc.…) with certified translation by postal service. You wish to know the list of necessary documents, country by country? You can send us an e-mail. We will be more than happy to help you in this procedure!

  • How can I be sure if my diploma will be recognized in France?

    • Generally, (with few exceptions), all diplomas obtained in Europe can benefit from recognition and equivalence in France. For those few exceptions, if the equivalence is not given immediately, you can ask for the equivalence at CNG. In order to do that, you need to send a complete dossier. This request takes more time. We can help you in this procedure.

  • I obtained my diploma in a non-European country and it was recognised by a European country (for instance, I obtained my diploma in Peru and it was recognized in Spain)?

    • In France, there is a specific procedure for this situation. You will be concerned by the procedure, so called Hocsmann-Dressen and you will have to send your dossier to CNG. The delay varies on your speciality and is estimated between 6 and 18 months.

  • What salary can I expect?

    • The salary (or benefits in case of private practice) can vary significantly based on many factors. Globally, the salary can vary from 4.000€ net per month for as a paid employee in a public health-care institution up to 20.000€ net per month for some specialities (like Anaesthetists) with private practice, in the zones that benefit from tax-exemption.

  • Do I have to pay for my travel for job interviews?

    • We do not have one answer to this question. It depends on health-care institution. Some will pay all the travel expenses, others not. Some will accept to pay for a hotel but not a flight. The answer will vary from case by case.

  • What are the specialities the most looked for?

    • At the national level, the specialities that benefit of European equivalence, the most demanded are: anesthesia and intensive care, radiology, occupational medicine, general medicine, physical and rehabilitation medicine, cardiology...

  • What is the best moment to contact you?

    • You have a project and you don’t know what is the best moment to contact us? Ideally will be from 3 to 6 month before your expected starting period. This way, we will have enough time to help you and propose you a job offer that perfectly matches your project.

  • We are a couple, is it easy to find two positions in the same institution?

    • Generally, yes. Still, it depends on your specialities and your criteria, but we welcome regularly doctor couples and we find them a project that suits perfectly their expectations. The institutions are usually happy to welcome two doctors in the same time.

  • What are the work conditions?

    • Regarding the salary, number of hours, holidays, etc… There are as many answers as the professional opportunities. As an employee, you have 5 weeks of paid vacation, generally accompanied by “RTT” days off or recuperation. You can benefit from possibilities of training.

  • How long does it take to register at the French Medical Council? 

    • The delays can vary but generally it takes 2-3 months if your dossier is complete.

Questions for physiotherapists


  • What to do to work in France?

    • In order to work in France, you need to have an authorisation from DRDJSCS et be registered at the French Physiotherapy Council.

  • How can I obtain the authorisation of DRDJSCS

    • You need to ask for equivalence in the region you wish to work later. We recommend that you contact us as we can advise you in this procedure. It is really important to respect a specific form to give you the best chance. 

  • The DRDJSCS asks me to do an additional internship, what to do? Can you help you? ? 

    • When the commission of DRDJSCS discovers significant disparities between your training and the French training, they can ask you to complete the non-paid internships in France. At our level, we won’t be able to help you find the internship but we can guide you or send you a list of training areas that you can contact.

  • In which region shall I ask for the authorisation?

    • In the region you wish to work later. 

  • How can I register at the French Physiotherapy Council ? 

    • You need to send a complete dossier in a department you will work. You can, again, contact us and we will be able to guide you.

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