Art de vivre, France

Art de vivre, France

Mont Saint-michel, France

Mont Saint-michel, France

Lavande, Provence, France

Lavande, Provence, France

La Petite France, Strasbourg, France

La Petite France, Strasbourg, France

Paris, Ville lumière, France

Paris, Ville lumière, France

Physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychomotor specialist:

You are a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist or a psychomotor specialist? You have a diploma acknowledged in a European country and you speak French (level A2)? Joint the health-care institutions in France for a permanent or a temporary work contract.

Why working in France?

France offers many professional opportunities for physiotherapists who would like to work as an employee in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres, or senior homes.

  • What salary can physiotherapist expect in France?

       Salaries for a beginner starts from 1500€ to 2000€ net per month.

  • Is it possible to obtain help in terms of accommodation?

       Most of the health-care institutions offer a temporary accomodation at the beginning. 

  • Do you propose permanent or temporary job contracts?

       Euromotion Medical proposes permanent and temporary contracts, but we do not propose interim assignments.


Housing assistance :
We provide assistance in all your administratives process ! 

We assist you in all your administrative procedures : degree equivalence, relocation, housing, school registration for your children, daily life advice...

Our promise : you will never feel alone during this transition period. 

We will offer you the guide "Welcome in France" which describes all the life situations you could meet in you daily life. Of course, we remain constantly at your disposal. You could contact us when you want by phone.

Integration tracking

Have you just integrate a new job, in France ?

We offer to assist you by meeting us every 3 months with other applicants. What is the best way to develop a new personnal network in your new country than meeting us ?

Naturally, we will remain in touch during the first weeks to make sure you're satisfied in your new job and your new life !

How to work in France

Physiotherapists: how to work in France ?

In order to work in France, you need to obtain authorisation to exercise (DRJSCS) and register at French Physiotherapy Council (l'Ordre des masseurs-kinésithérapeutes).
You are a physiotherapist:
In order to work in France, you need to apply for the authorisation to exercise at DRJSCS in the region where you want to work later. To obtain the authorisation, you need to wait 1-4 months. If your initial training is significantly different from French training, the DRJSCS may possibly ask you to do an additional internship. Globally, your documents should contain: 
  1. Application form
  2. Copy of your ID card
  3. Copy of your diplomas
  4. All additional documents that justify a continuous training, professional experience and skills acquired during professional practice.
  5. Certificate of good conduct (original, not a copy) issued by the relevant professional body (if one exists in your country), issued within the past year
  6. Detailed description of your studies at the educational institution, including:


  • total length of the course

  • theory: subjects and lecture hours on each subject (details of training)

  • practical training: subjects and hours of practice on each subject (departments where practical experience was gained, and weeks spent in each department: more details)






Below you will find the documents needed for specific regions in France:


A question how to complete this file ? Contact us ! All the information is given purely as an indication.

After obtaining your authorisation, you need to register at  French Physiotherapy Council ( l'ordre des masseurs-kinésithérapeutes ).

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