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What we have done for M., PM&R Physician:


  • Find a house in Île de France

  • Propose an intensive French course from “zero” to “current level”

  • Meeting in Rome after 6 weeks of language course to verify the progress

  • Validate all the steps of procedure

  • Welcome his wife for her day of observation in a company

  • Advice M. in choosing a bank or a phone operator

  • Organise a lunch 60 days after taking up new post to ensure a good match with a job










M., PM&R Physician, President of CLUD - Clinique du Pré Saint-Gervais

S., General Practitioner, confidential institution 

What we have done for S, General Practitioner:


  • Find a furnished apartment in a city center

  • Validate all the steps of procedure

  • Arrange an appointment with a bank and insurance company

  • Assist this candidate in dealing with a landlord after an incident

  • Help in obtaining health insurance card – carte vitale

  • Assist in dealing with tax centre










Mark, Physiotherapist, APHP Paris

What we have done for Mark, Physiotherapist:


  • Organise his arrival in France

  • Assist in registration at French Physical Therapy Council

  • Negotiate with a hospital to provide an accommodation

  • Help his spouse (nurse) in obtaining equivalence in France and find a job

  • We identified two health-care institutions interested in her application

D., Physiotherapist, confidential institution

What we have done for D., Physiothrerapist:


  • Define his professional project and select the best opportunities

  • Organise job interviews

  • Negotiate with health-care institution to pay for his accommodation

  • Regular monitoring

V., obstetrician-gynaecologist, confidential institution

“I encountered Euromotion Medical for the first time in late spring 2015. Since the beginning they acted with enormous concern, helping me fill in all the necessary documents, find the answers to the questions I was asking myself, and of course, find a job offer that was the most suitable for me. During all the procedures, they supported me and checked regularly if everything was fine. This way, I arrived for the first time in France during August 2015, and at the beginning of October I started my job in a clinic. Now, in March 2016, I am really happy with a choice I have made. I really appreciated Euromotion Medical, they are really efficient and I would like to thank them this way, for all help that I received from them.”


Dr V., Obstetrician-gynaecologist

M., orthopaedic surgeon, confidential institution

What we have done for M., orthopaedic surgeon:


  • Find a house

  • Enrol his children at a private school

  • Organise a meeting with MJC for his wife’s job, a music professor

  • Organise a visit in an aquatic centre for this keen swimmer

  • Validate all steps in procedure

  • Organise a lunch 60 days after taking up new post to ensure a good match with a job











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